A Heavenly Town: Turunç

Turunç, an old fishing town, is also a popular haunt for blue cruise boats and yachts. It is possible to see many domestic and foreign boats anchored along the beach. First of all, you greet the sun and the beaches to enjoy the magnificent sea in Turunç. In addition to your enjoyment, watching the magnificent nature will add more freshness to you. Trekking on the hills covered with pine forests is also very enjoyable. The area called Palamut Tepesi has become a center of attraction for many trekkers. Turunç is in an ideal location for your holiday. Turunç is also an area where safari tours are popular. The most remarkable historical value of the region are the ruins of the ancient city of Amos, right next to it. Here, hiking and seeing the ruins of the ancient city are among the things to do there. It is a great opportunity for tourists that the ancient city of Amos is a 1-hour walk from Turunç. You can visit this ancient city with tours or privately and witness the unique history of the city.

Another activity in Turunç is diving. The fact that the underwater environment is extraordinarily rich and diverse is a huge plus for people who like swimming. In addition, Trunk’s water impresses with its clarity. We are sure that swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Turunç will refresh you!

You can also make your holiday unforgettable by participating in boat tours to the surrounding bays (Kumlubük, Çiftlik and Gebekse Bay) and beaches in Turunç. Just as from Marmaris, daily boat tours are organized from Turunç to Dalyan and Iztuzu Beach. You can also rent your own boat and make your own tour. Turunç is also ideal for fishing. The fish population is in good condition, especially between April and October. Turunç, one of the popular diving spots due to the abundance of rocky areas and underwater caves, is among the most popular holiday resorts. You will feel in a small seaside town in this natural wonder resort.You will witness the sun and unique nature embracing you in this natural wonder town. Are you ready to feel yourself in a paradise in Turunç with the deep tones of green and blue?

You can take advantage of the many bars, cafes and businesses along the coast while sunbathing and enjoying the sea on the clean beach of Turunç-which is with a blue-flag (symbolizing the clarity). You can spend time here as you wish, and meet your food and beverage needs.

In addition, you can purchase natural products such as fresh thyme, sage and many handmade souvenirs collected by locals living in the town.

The fact that Turunç is close to İçmeler and Marmaris is one of its biggest advantages of it. İçmeler 11 and Marmaris are 21 kilometers away. Buses and boats from the sea depart to Marmaris every half hour through highway. You can prefer the highway for transportation to Marmaris or you can get down to there through sea.